Player Compendium

Below are the players aiming to participate in NCR 2019 and need your help!
Those interested in either joining or donating to the the compendium should first read the info page.
Once ready, apply or donate at our contact page!
Please note: the compendium will run until February 1st


“I'd love to be able to attend, but as it stands, my money situation is really tight[….] But Pokken is my passion and attending NCR would be wicked!

My Twitter is @TytoVortex which has most of my gameplay footage!”

$370 / $370


“Hey guys, Im Jin. The hype man and loudest player in Pokken. I love making Pokken the center of attention, but because of funds, I have to be choosy with which tournaments I go to. Going to NCR for the first time ever would be an amazing opportunity for me!

If you want to see my content, check me out at

$0 / $320


“Hello! I am among the UK community known as "SolCalibre" for my Youtube and has been a part of the Pokkén community since 2016.

[…] despite opportunities via VGC or Pokken, I have yet to qualify into NA to try my hand at an In-House Pokkén Tournament. I know I have the potential but it's just being given the chance that is difficult.”

$0 / $400


“Hello, my name is Daniel Diehl. To the Pokkén community I'm known as the Sceptile player "Gintrax" and the homeowner of the true home of Pokken EU.

If given the chance, it would be my pleasure to share the spirit of Europe with you all at NCR... the spirit of conquest!
Foretold is the demise of all unfortunate American souls that stand between me and my UNBLOCKABLES!
The climatic grandeur of our majestic clash upon the battlefield of San Jose is merely a donation goal away!”

$0 / $750


“Hey Guys! Most of you probably know me at this point. Even tho i love flying out to different North American Events it's also very financially draining for me at the same time. When i started to travel to tournaments out of Europe i noticed that my love for Pokkén and traveling won't stop in the near future. Going to California for the first time would be a blast!”

$0 / $800

team kira

“Hello! We are an Italian boy and a French girl players who appeared to have the same nickname for Pokken but for different reasons. Kira and Kira. So we made a team! We would really like to see for the first time America and its Pokken community that we would love to meet! At this point, we went to almost every tournament together and our main goal is that we both reach at least top 8! So Team Kira being top 8 at NorCal is indeed ambitious but it would be a dream come true for us!

You can find French Kira on Twitter.”

$165 / $600


“Hello! This is JigglerJoggler I'm the TO for @NEPokken and recent 9th at Destiny! I'm a Lucario main who seeks to show the power Litten and the chance to play out of region.

I want to prove to others the potential I posses and dunk some nerds in the process.”

$0 / $300