Donations & Compendium:

Why not do the same thing as last year?

The main criticism for NCR 2018 regarding the donation drive and community vote was that it turned into a popularity contest. The other problem was that there was no means for international players to be chosen either.

This new system is intended to allow for people to support players they prefer; all contributions go to at least one of the players they wish to see attend. And this includes international players too, so long as their goals are met.

How can I be sure my donation isn’t misused?

I have been the financial manager of two large events: Burst Attack @ Thalia Beach (Nov 2017) and the past NorCal Regionals (Mar 2018). As such, I have handled an array of responsibilities including funding venue, booking flights for players, paying tournament winnings in a timely manner, and balancing budgets.

For the sake of transparency, I have also opened a balance sheet of all contributions from donors to ensure that you can affirm where your money has went.

Why only a 50% match for donations to the pot bonus?

Ultimately, if the match was set to 100% instead, then everyone would opt for this option rather than merely donating only to a player.

This 50% match option is meant specifically for donors who wish to contribute more to the event and players as a whole and do not mind some specific player loyalty. These people (if they wish to be named) will get a mention of honor for their generosity as well.


Unfortunately, accepting contributions means obligating yourself to attending the event. If you can no longer make the event, you must return the amount in its entirety or face possible legal action.

If you are unsure of being able to participate in NCR, it is strongly recommended you do not enter the compendium.

What if I booked my flight but can no longer make it?